Why sell your used car at AB Auto Town?

We want the best for both those who sell to us and those who buy from us

Our buyback policy is to give customers what they truly want. Naturally this means offering a generous price, but it also means being flexible enough to handle the transaction in a way that makes sense for the customer. Not only do we work to give sellers what they want, we perform thorough maintenance on each vehicle we purchase to ensure that the next owner is satisfied as well. This makes our approach to buyback completely different than dealers who just want to sell off trade-ins at auction and turn a quick profit.

Why we offer you more

We are retailers too!

At AB Auto Town, we are able to completely cut out the middleman. We buy cars directly from our customers, service them in our own workshops, and then sell them ourselves. This allows us to eliminate excess profit margin from our costs and pass the savings on to you. We can offer you a better price for your car because unlike other companies, we don’t have to make up for extra costs by tacking them onto the appraisal value

We have a nationwide network!  

We maintain powerful connections with small auto dealers across the country, giving us access to vast marketplace potential.  This means that we are able to offer you a good price for any make or model, regardless of what we prefer to handle in our own market.

We participate in auto auctions across the country!

We tap into our vast reserves of information and experience to hunt for auctions where each type of vehicle will sell for the highest price, so we know where to get top dollar in the distribution market. This knowledge allows us to offer you an attractive buyback price no matter what make or model you have.

Five keys to generous buyback offers

Thorough pre-delivery maintenance 

Every car we sell has passed a rigorous 72-point inspection and a checkup to ensure that it has never been in an accident. When it comes to quality, we refuse to compromise.

Pristine lot display

We keep every car on our lot in prime condition to make them attractive to the greatest number of shoppers.

Effective and efficient sales

Our ability to sell effectively is based on our unique customer-to-customer connections. Also, because every car on our lot has already received thorough maintenance, customers can drive them off the lot immediately after purchase, – creating a high turnover rate and keeping our stock fresh.

Exceptional after-sales service

We always approach after-sales service from a customer perspective, which is why some of our customers have bought two or even three cars from us. The strength of our sales is in direct proportion to how well we take care of our customers after they buy.

Generous buyback offers

AB Auto Town’s unique system is uncompromising on quality every step of the way, which is why we have so many customers asking us to find them a great vehicle. This high demand ensures that we can offer buyback prices far higher than anyone else.

Loans? Lease contract? Accident history? Talk to us.

We offer great buyback prices on any car!

If you have a loan or lease agreement on your car, we’ll subtract what you owe and still give you a great buyback price. We can also take care of time-consuming procedures (like transferring ownership and paying off the balance) for you. Just leave it completely to us. We are also willing to work with you if your car has unavoidable issues like breakdowns or past accidents.

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