Exporting parts

  • AB Auto Town also exports auto parts to many countries around the world.
  • We handle maintenance parts, auto body parts, wheels, tires, and custom parts (including fabricated parts). Because we have our own service workshop located in the US, we are able to quickly get a wide variety of parts at reasonable prices.
  • We are happy to advise you on the best parts to fit your quality, budget, and repair needs. We have access to everything from aftermarket parts manufactured by a third party to genuine parts (including OEM parts), so feel free to request your preference when we draw up the estimate.
  • Urgent parts requests can be handled via airmail.

Sending your car to Japan

  • Can’t bear to part with the car you found in the US? Why not take it back to Japan with you?
  • Just bought a car and need to get back to Japan right away? Let us ship it for you! If you’ve fallen in love with your car and can’t stand the thought of leaving it, we’ve got a special service just for you.
  • Bring your car into AB Auto Town and let us upgrade it to satisfy Japanese regulations. We’ll ship it to Japan, get your mandatory shaken inspection covered for 2-3 years, and deliver it right to your home.
  • Need maintenance too? No problem! Just take your car to any of our AB Auto Town service partners in Japan and let them take care of it. If you ever need a hard-to-find part, we’ll get it to you. With AB Auto Town you can enjoy driving your import in Japan with nothing to worry about.

Exporting special vehicles

  • We can ship limousines, hearses, recreational vehicles, and other custom vehicles as well.
  • We also offer collaboration, mediation translation, negotiation, and other international trading services. Just ask!
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