A “family doctor” for your car

AB Auto Town will inspect your vehicle and prepare you a custom maintenance schedule based on how you use your car, your daily driving habits, and other information. We will let you know which repairs need to be done right away and which can wait, and we will never start work without talking to you first. At the end of the day, we always try to put ourselves in your shoes and do only what is necessary when it is necessary. At the same time, we know that the most important thing is maintenance for daily health and early detection of potential problems.

Your service history is important

Every time a customer comes in for maintenance or service work we hand them a service record. This ensures that we never perform unnecessary repairs and that both our customers and our service professionals understand exactly what needs to be done and why. Your service history also shows what has been paid for all previous work, so everyone has a clear record for easy car maintenance.

Quality work. Longer warranties. Reasonable prices.

We do quality work

Are you still shopping for maintenance based only on price? Automotive repairs are complex, and should be judged on a variety of factors. What is the quality of the repair work? How much time will it take? Does the shop guarantee their work? How do they treat their customers? Just because a problem goes away doesn’t necessarily mean that quality work was done. Our entire service department works day after day to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. If there’s anything we can do to make the quality of your experience better, just let us know.

We offer a longer warranty

At AB Auto Town, we guarantee our repairs for longer than our competitors. Research it for yourself – most workshops guarantee brake work or oil leak repairs for one to six months, but we back our services with a full one-year, 12,000-mile warranty. It is our policy to always use quality parts, perform quality work, and guarantee that work for a long time to come. (Warranty periods vary by type of service. Feel free to ask us for details.)

Our prices are reasonable

In the US, where the same part may be available as a new part from the manufacturer, used part, or after-market part, it is common for vehicle owners to choose the type of part that best fits their budget. Depending on the area needing the repair, it may not be necessary to order a brand-new part from the manufacturer. We want to make sure that we provide you with top-quality service at a reasonable price, so we will always consult with you before we make decisions like these.

Why have your repairs done at AB Auto Town?

Estimates are always free

We never charge for a basic inspection or service estimate. If you ever feel like something isn’t right with your car, don’t hesitate to bring it in right away. We’ll provide a detailed explanation of the problem and won’t start work without your full consent. Live too far away to stop by? We’re happy to provide estimates over email as well. Just contact us!

Pickup and delivery services

Too busy to bring your car in? Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to come pick it up at your home or office and bring it back to a convenient location when we’re finished. This exceptional service benefit is available to our valued AB Auto Town members. (South Bay area by reservation only. $10 charge. Not available to Value Card holders or non-members.)

Hand car wash included

Our professional vehicle cleaning staff hand-washes every vehicle that comes into our service workshop for maintenance or repairs. The carwash includes manual shampooing and rinsing as well as a thorough tire, wheel, and window cleaning. We know your car is important to you, and we treat it right. (Not available with the EZ oil change service)

Collect and redeem points

Customers who come in for repairs are eligible to participate in our point system. Every service you get allows you to accumulate points, which you can use for discounts the next time you come into the shop.

Comfortable guest lounge

When we expanded our service department in October 2011, we added a brand-new guest lounge with a big-screen TV, WiFi, and free soft drinks, to make your wait time as comfortable as possible.

Conveniently located

Just a three-minute walk from Ralphs and Mitsuwa Market, our service shop is located conveniently close to various restaurants, supermarkets, and other shops.



The Better Business Bureau is an independent organization that provides the public with information on ethical and fair business practices. AB Auto Town has     received an A+, the BBB’s highest ranking.



All vehicle repair shops must be licensed by the Bureau of Automotive Repair, a government agency that inspects businesses to ensure that they offer fair pricing and good quality while acting in accordance with all applicable laws.

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