Our export business

About AB Auto Town export business

Since AB Auto Town was first registered as a US corporation in 1996 until today, we have been in the business of exporting vehicles to Japan and many other overseas countries. When we first started, we would take physical pictures of the vehicle, send them to Japan by post, check out the vehicle, and then settle the payment. It was a difficult and tedious process. Today, the internet has made it much easier to exchange information, allowing us to significantly reduce our handling fees and other costs. It is now easier than ever for all of our AB Auto Town customers to safely and quickly buy American cars.

What we do

  • Export agency work
  • Vehicle relocation services
  • Vehicle transport to Hawaii, Guam, and other neighboring territories
  • Auto part exports
  • Motorcycle exports
  • Special vehicle exports
  • Collaboration, mediation translation, negotiation, and other services involving international traders

How we do it – from purchase to delivery

Finding and purchasing the right vehicle

  • AB Auto Town is licensed to participate in dealer auctions across the country. This means that we can get vehicles from US auctions as well as purchase new and used vehicles through other channels via our business partners.
  • Customers can thoroughly check vehicle condition reports before deciding whether to buy. If they are unsure about something, we check it out immediately.

Buying at auction

  • We maintain an online connection to auctions throughout the US, giving us access to hard-to-find vehicles. We have all potential purchases checked by an inspection agency and only buy vehicles that pass the test.

Ground transport

  • Our ground transport partners allow us to ship vehicles across the US quickly and cheaply – even if they have to come from the east coast.

Checking the vehicle and making arrangements 

  • Once the vehicle gets to AB Auto Town, we thoroughly examine it in person.
  • We take a second look to make sure that the vehicle is free from past accidents, engine noises or irregularities, and damage to the interior or exterior.
  • Any repairs or improvements requested by the customer are taken care of in our own service workshop.
  • We also add any customizations or features that the customer has requested.

Clearing customs and entering the port

  • Once the vehicle is cleared for shipping, it is either loaded onto the ship as-is or put inside a container.

 Ship arrival and unloading

  • Once the ship arrives in port, it must clear local customs and arrangements are made to pick it up.
  • If the customer requests it, we will also take care of getting the vehicle through Japanese customs, picking it up at the port, getting a preliminary inspection certificate, and registering the vehicle.


  • Vehicle imports are restricted by a host of regulations that are unique to each country, and we cannot ship to every location. We strongly recommend that you check with your local regulations before requesting a vehicle.
  • AB Auto Town cannot be held responsible for any problems that arise once the vehicle has arrived at the destination port.
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